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W4: Critical Making With and for Communities

FAV 01 C, Favoritenstr. 9-11, 1st Floor, Room: HE0108

Critical making offers the chance to combine practices of making with critical thinking, to explore topics utilizing technologies and materials and thereby creating tangible artefacts which have a societal impact. Many of the growing number of makerspaces globally - though by far not the whole so-called "maker movement" - foster participatory design for and with their communities to solve local problems, explicitly or implicitly basing their practices on critical design. This workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners at the 9th International Conference on Communities & Technologies to discuss emerging and evolving issues of critical making, participatory design, and maker communities. It will offer an introduction to critical making based on a short history of the maker movement, current societal impacts achieved through practices of making, as well as criticism directed towards maker culture. Together with the participants, we will look at participatory practices of critical designing and making for and with communities, and the role which makerspaces play as facilitators and drivers of these practices. Participants will share examples, best practices, tools and methods, and explore how we can better work together towards collaboratively developing theories, methods and practices, and achieving more societal impact of critical making in makerspaces around the world. For more information, please visit: https://criticalmaking.globalinnovationgathering.org/

Saturday 1 June 2019



  • Regina Sipos - Institute of Vocational Education and Work Studies, Technical University Berlin
  • Victoria Wenzelmann - Institute for Information Systems and New Media, University of Siegen


  • Daniel Wessolek
  • Jana Fehr
  • Katrin Proschek
  • Laryssa Tarachucky
  • Maria Murray
  • Marlene Wagner
  • Raashi Saxena
  • Stefanie Wuschitz
  • Sunoj Das Shrestha

Tuesday 4 June 2019


  • Welcome & Round of Introductions
  • Introduction to Workshop Agenda and Goals
  • Keynote by Regina Sipos: Critical Making in Academia
  • What are the Projects of Workshop Participants?
  • World Café
    • What is Critical Making for you?
    • Is making not in and of itself a critical and subversive practice, as it enables everybody to make everything? Are all makers thus prone to be critical makers? Why should makers feel obliged to be critical at all?
    • Are access to and practices of innovation democratised by making?
  • How do we continue as a Group? (as discussed during preparatory calls)
  • Preparation of Joint Publication(s)

Welcome & Introductions

Regina Sipos introduced the Critical Making workshop.

Critical Making with and for communities

Karkhana - Experimentation and learning experiences for schools, based in Nepal

Karkhana - Experimentation and learning experiences for schools, based in Nepal

Tuesday 4 June 2019


  • Engage maker communities in Critical Making, share the concept and co-design methods for critical thinking in making
  • Prepare Joint Publication(s) in academic and non-academic formats
  • Use website https://criticalmaking.globalinnovationgathering.org/ for presentation of projects and as a starting point for discussions
  • What are incentives and challenges to engage in explicitly critical making, if you are a maker or maker community? How to connect with makers? Local communities vs. “the maker movement” framing?

Tuesday 4 June 2019